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Ifem & Ceiling 3

At the entrance of the bank, a smiling man approached us with a thermometer. He raised and aimed it like a gun at Ceiling's forehead. "36.6. Welcome sir! Normal temperature."...
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Aruidimma 2

Ranyinudo did well with drinking only water for the first five days. Then on Saturday, she went to a wedding and drank two glasses of juice. “But it was just...
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We Admire 2

Soldiers of the Nigerian Army They are burdened by sub-standard leadership, sub-standard ammunition, sub-standard preparation. They are not trained for Boko Haram type warfare. They do not get many of...
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Problem and Solution 4

I would hate to be the Health Minister right now. I sympathize with him. Dealing with striking doctors is stress enough. But Ebola? Ebola is supposed to happen in Congo...
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Ifem & Ceiling 2

Ceiling is different here in Enugu. He’s lighter, he jokes more, he is less silent. But I sometimes see his face fall and I know he’s missing Buchi. We’re supposed...
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Madam President sat down slowly. The cool leather seat calmed her. In the quiet grandeur of the room, her thoughts echoed. Tomorrow would be her first Federal Executive Council meeting....
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Style 1

Zemaye Reviews: MAC MINERALIZE RICH LIPSTICK IN ‘BE A LADY’ A lipstick should never just be about colour. Wearing lipstick should be an experience. Lipstick should give colour that lasts...
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We Admire 1

Dora Akunyili She saved Nigerian lives. She spoke the truth. She listened to her conscience. She didn’t have to. She chose to. She will never be forgotten. May she rest...
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Problem and Solution 3

Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos. The main gateway to Africa’s largest economy. The roof is leaking at different spots. Filthy plastic buckets are placed randomly. These eyesores collect the leaking...
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Aruidimma 1

Ranyinudo recently paid almost 50K for what she called a ‘slimming treatment’ at a spa. A complete waste of money. No ‘treatment’ will make you slim. Remember your secondary school...
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Problem and Solution 2

From the UK Telegraph of 22 December 2013, a profile of actress Elizabeth McGovern: “I get the impression that in Africa people have sex far more freely than we do back...
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Problem and Solution 1

From The New York Times of April 22, 2014, about Barack Obama’s relative: "On a recent morning in Kenya, she sat in a bright orange dress and blue head scarf...
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Ifem & Ceiling 1

Ceiling and I have been spending a lot of time in Enugu. I love Enugu, the sense of restfulness; it has a certain ambition about it – the mall, the...
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