Aruidimma 1

Ranyinudo recently paid almost 50K for what she called a ‘slimming treatment’ at a spa. A complete waste of money. No ‘treatment’ will make you slim. Remember your secondary school biology. Only two things matter in weight loss: food and exercise.

So we are putting Ranyinudo on a one-month aruidimma challenge. It is more than just about losing weight. It is about aru idi mma, the wellbeing of your body.

If you are in your best health, the quality of your life increases. You will have more energy. You will get sick less frequently.

Ranyinudo hardly drinks water. She even claims water gives her diarrhea.
She drinks only Coke and Malt. Her first step to aruidimma is to change what she drinks.

We know that what we eat makes us gain weight but we often forget that what we drink also makes us gain weight.

She will not change what she eats. But she will drink only water for one week. Only water.

It won’t be easy for someone not used to drinking water.

Two bottles of water N200
A pack of pure water N100

When the bottled water is finished, refill the bottles with pure water. If you have light, keep the bottles in the freezer overnight. Take the bottle to work. If there is an office fridge, keep it there. If not, wrap it in a polythene bag and keep it in your handbag. If you think all this is too much stress, imagine yourself wearing that dress that is now too tight.

If you need ‘taste,’ try a lemon, a lime or an orange. Cut up a few small slices and put inside your water. Don’t expect water to taste like Coke. It is not Coke. It is water. And it is better for you.