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Problem and Solution 9

The Pastor in my friend Nneka’s church is always talking about tithes. He uses the Old Testament to tell people why they should give a percentage of their salary to...
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Style 3

Zemaye’s Take: Vaginal Douche. I went to the supermarket yesterday to buy sanitary pads. And I noticed something. If you go into any major supermarket in Nigeria, you will see...
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Problem and Solution 8

Professor Ali Mazrui was a Kenyan scholar. Ceiling has read some of his writing, I haven’t. Ceiling isn’t too hot on him, especially because he said the man and Big...
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Aruidimma 4

Zemaye’s Take: For those of you who told me that salicylic acid doesn’t do anything for your breakouts, here are two new things to try: sulphur and charcoal. Charcoal absorbs...
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Ifem & Ceiling 8

Alphonsus made vegetable soup. Ceiling and I were hanging out at the dining table after eating. “What a stupid idea to announce a ceasefire with Boko Haram, who came up...
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Ifem & Ceiling 7

I hope the Doctor Without Borders Ebola patient in New York makes it. American politicians are like Nigerian politicians – they will use anything to score political points. So, some...
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Problem and Solution 7

Nigeria has been declared Ebola-free. On October 20, 2014, The Washington Post wrote this: “According to WHO, the success of Nigeria — Africa’s most populous nation — was attributable to...
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Problem and Solution 6

Nigeria did well with Ebola. Me I am proud o. Oga Jona deserves credit. If we were like Liberia now, everyone would blame him for not dealing with Ebola. Oga...
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African american man shouting

Ifem & Ceiling 6

Remember that story Nneoma told us about her flight back to Lagos? Here is how it ends. A man and a woman are in a relationship. The woman is unhappy....
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Style 2

Zemaye’s Take: Bandwagon imitative fashion babble talk. Examples: PAIR as a clunky verb – Play with texture by PAIRING a velvet skirt with a silk top. STUN as a verb...
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Ifem & Ceiling 5

In May, we heard about the soldiers in Borno who shot at a car carrying their commanding officer. The commanding officer was not hurt. The soldiers were angry. Apparently because...
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Problem and Solution 5

From THISDAY, September 17 2014: “Rivers State Governor, Hon. Chibuike Amaechi, has dismissed the comments by the state former Commissioner of Police, Mr. Joseph Mbu, who while apparently referring to...
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Ifem & Ceiling 4

Ceiling’s cousin Nneoma visited us two weeks ago. She came to the East to attend a funeral in Awka. We drove her to the airport. “See Enugu airport looking like...
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Aruidimma 3

Zemaye's Take: Pimples My face has never been smooth. Pimples have been my friends since forever. But it is a relationship I am slowly ending. Here is what has worked...
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