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Zemaye’s Take: Vaginal Douche.

I went to the supermarket yesterday to buy sanitary pads. And I noticed something.

If you go into any major supermarket in Nigeria, you will see a shelf full of ‘feminine products.’ One of those ‘feminine products’ is the vaginal douche (the most popular brand has the name EVE)

It is a liquid that you put inside your vagina and it is supposed to make you feel ‘clean’ and ‘fresh.’

Women, please stop buying vaginal douche. Stop using vaginal douche.

It is bad for you. It can give you an infection in your vagina. It can give you a very bad infection in your uterus. It can give you an infection in your fallopian tubes. It can increase your chance of cervical cancer. It can make it difficult for you to get pregnant (dear husband-hunters, please take note)

Ask any doctor and they will tell you that vaginal douches are NOT good for you.

All you need to keep it clean is the same thing you need for the rest of your body: water and soap.

Stop thinking that your vagina is a smelly place that you need to attack with scented chemicals aka vaginal douche.

If you have an unusual discharge or smell from your vagina, then you need to see a doctor, because it might be an infection. You do NOT need to use vaginal douche.

And while we are at it, please let us learn to say that word VAGINA. All together now…!