Ifem & Ceiling 7

I hope the Doctor Without Borders Ebola patient in New York makes it. American politicians are like Nigerian politicians – they will use anything to score political points. So, some New York politicians who have upcoming elections are trying to scare people with Ebola, and then position themselves as Ebola saviors. Even if the so called saving doesn’t make sense. Shame. And the governor of New York has no business scolding that Doctors Without Borders doctor. The doctor followed the protocol that he was supposed to. And he bloody donated his time to fight Ebola at the source – something that the politicians in America might want to focus on. Ebola is about ALL humans, not just about African humans.

Anyway, Ceiling and I were talking about this and I told him I have always admired Doctors Without Borders.

He told me he has, too.

He said he loves what they stand for and what they have done and did I know the organization itself started as a response to the massive human suffering in Biafra?

I told him I knew. I told him it was part of the reason I donate to them. I donate to them every month. Automatic deductions from my credit card.

He said – me too.

I said – are you serious?

He said – yes. I started a long time ago. For the past five years.

I said – me too!

So, we support the same Charity. We started supporting the same Charity at about the same time without, of course, knowing what the other was doing. #Lovenwantiti #truecompatibility #mostromanticcoincidenceever