Aruidimma 2

Ranyinudo did well with drinking only water for the first five days. Then on Saturday, she went to a wedding and drank two glasses of juice.

“But it was just juice now, at least it is good for me,” she said.

Actually juice is not so good for the aruidimma challenge. Bottled juice is water and sugar. Aruidimma is focused on, among other things, reducing sugar. Sugar causes all kinds of problems – diabetes is only one of them. So, for next week, Ranyi will follow this rule: forget the juice and eat the fruit.

Let’s use orange as an example. God is wonderful – you see, where God put sugar in food, God also put fibre, which means that when you eat a fruit, you get sugar AND fibre, and your body handles sugar better when it comes with fibre. Even the juices that say ‘no sugar added’ have a lot of sugar in them.

Instead of buying orange juice. Buy oranges.

Peel an orange with a knife leaving the whitish skin on. Cut open. Suck orange. When liquid is exhausted, turn inside out and eat the fibrous bits. Repeat once a day. Or peel an orange with your hands until all the skin is off and you are left with a soft, vulnerable fruit. Divide into four parts. Eat all four.

PS: oranges are cheaper than orange juice. N200 oranges will last you a week. N200 might not buy your orange juice carton of choice.